The Longest Blink

You know when you blink sometimes and a short amount of time passes? Well it seems that 2020 passed through one of the longest of blinks and some or most may share the same feeling that it wasn’t the most spectacular of years. We all from a world-wide perspective and still do for this momentContinue reading “The Longest Blink”

Another Commodore 64C ?

A few months ago, I won a Commodore 64C on eBay for quite literally £64 which kick started my passion to own real hardware yet again ( 2011 was the previous episode ). Ever since 1983 the computer has been embedded partly into my soul. Without this sounding overly obsessive, I just love the machine,Continue reading “Another Commodore 64C ?”

This World, Our Own!

Many years ago, I wrote several stories in verse. Dexter-7, Backwards and Forwards and This World, Our Own! These and other poems were compiled into a collection called “Inspirations”. This was originally published via Lulu and can still be obtained as a digital EBook and also in paperback from Amazon. I thought it would beContinue reading “This World, Our Own!”

Indie Designer Video Game Collection

Its incredible to think that I have been creating video games since 1988. Even before then I was typing in program listings from computer magazines and of course debugging or correcting the mistakes to make them work. A certain amount of examining took place as well to see exactly how the routines functioned and thenContinue reading “Indie Designer Video Game Collection”