Another Commodore 64C ?

A few months ago, I won a Commodore 64C on eBay for quite literally £64 which kick started my passion to own real hardware yet again ( 2011 was the previous episode ). Ever since 1983 the computer has been embedded partly into my soul. Without this sounding overly obsessive, I just love the machine, it’s the 6581 Sound Interface Device (SID) Microchip and what it generally offers as an entertaining 8-bit computer. This is probably because it was my first computer at the age of 13 and I could well have led a different path in being bought a Sinclair ZX81. But, at the time the sales guy in an electrical store persuaded my father to buy a Commodore 64.

So, the recently won Commodore 64C from eBay was boxed away and without a keyboard, because I used the keyboard from it to go with the Ultimate 64 I purchased in March 2020 as a 50 birthday present to myself.

Earlier this month I found a used Commodore 64C keyboard on eBay for £17 which looked pretty good and I believed it had been cleaned and refurbished. Well, it arrived this week and was in amazing condition. The great packaging really helped and ensured a safe and sound journey from Poland.

All I had to do was install the keyboard inside the second Commodore C64C and it would be a fully working machine again.

Gently using a flat ended screwdriver I unclipped the case and clipped the keyboard inside. This is quite common on the majority of Commodore 64C cases although some modern day reproduction ones may differ.

So, I now have two serving Commodore 64 computers. I will probably look into getting a two or three tiered shelf or stand where they can be out all the time. Remembering though that one is the Ultimate 64 and the other is the real Commodore 64C. 😊

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