16 Degrees

Over two years ago, I started to develop this game on a PC with GameMaker Studio 2 which was based on a temperature experience at work. This entailed arriving at the office where the heating wasn’t working correctly early in the morning and the recommended environmental temperature was 16 degrees. Now, if you could imagine a central heating boiler that was temperamental and at any stage it’d stop working, you’d guess right that it would break over the winter period. 🙄

So, with this scenario in my mind, I decided to start working out what kind of game I wanted to design. It was quite obvious that a shoot’em up game would fit the bill and the main rule being an element of overheating where if you continued to shoot beyond 16 degrees and a total malfunction of your weapon would occur if it reached 37c (100f). 😮

Even though this game took a few years to develop I am still proud of what the end product turned out to be. It’s only a mini game with some inspiration of very early Mastertronic titles from the 1980’s. I’m amazed I got the power up weapons working and having them time out, makes the game play that bit more challenging. This will be the first time using these types of routines which have taken me years to work out and develop using GameMaker Studio. I have used GameMaker since 2004 and this has been my game development tool of choice, as I feel comfortable using it and love the end results I achieve.

I am proud to have Chris ‘Infamous’ Bailey be part of this project with his amazing music which adds a great more depth to the game. Also many thanks go out to Simon Kitson for his amazing drawing that appears before the title screen.

The animated GIF image below gives you a taste of what there is in the game itself …

You can of course [ download ] and play 16 Degrees for *FREE*. The ZIP file will contain one folder and three files which are less than 25 megabytes in total ( note this will be added to the Indie Designer Video Game Collection archive soon ) :

16 Degrees/

  • 16 Degrees Instructions.PDF
  • 16 Degrees.EXE
  • Data.WIN

It would be a good idea to have a brief look at the 16 Degrees Instructions just to get a rough idea of how to play the game and the controls. The game should run on any PC or Laptop from the last five years or older. If you are fortunate enough to own a Microsoft Xbox Controller for a PC you can use this to play the game or just the keyboard controls.

Enjoy and have fun playing the game!

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