This World, Our Own!

Many years ago, I wrote several stories in verse. Dexter-7, Backwards and Forwards and This World, Our Own! These and other poems were compiled into a collection called “Inspirations”. This was originally published via Lulu and can still be obtained as a digital EBook and also in paperback from Amazon.

I thought it would be nice to publish one of the stories in verse for everyone to read and as the title goes … This World, Our Own! It is five chapters long and I hope you enjoy it!

This World, Our Own !

Hatred and anger ruled throughout the world,
Greed and poverty created a monetary divide,
But when it came to politics and war,
This world, our own had lost its pride.

Reflections from the once past,
Might educate us to build a better life,
And avoid any repeat actions,
That would surely cause much strife.

Chapter -1- : Goodbye, Hello !

The fear of goodbye was overwhelming,
As I curled up tight into a fetus position,
I sense cold all around,
Even with blankets covering me through this transition.

The silence was broken,
A terrifying earthquake came about,
I begged for an end to this insanity,
Only resorting myself to shout.

Just like every beginning,
I thought this was the end for sure,
My panic increased rapidly,
As I eventually passed out on the floor.

I awoke by by a series of beeps,
My eyesight tried to configure ahead,
As I slipped back into conscienceless,
And away from the thought of being dead.

For quite sometime I lay there,
Reality began filtering back into my mind,
I started to pick up this aching body,
And tried to deal with life that was blind.

Turning to my biographic wrist watch,
I noticed that I had been out cold for sometime,
Not just a couple of hours,
But the whole of the day since nine.

Grabbing a nearby chair,
I pulled myself up and sat down,
As I put my head down on the table before me,
And thought of my once lived in town.

After some moments I sat back up,
And looked all around,
Only to massage my poor throbbing head,
That had once hit the ground.

I picked myself up and walked about,
Every muscle in my legs felt tired,
As some point I had to venture outside,
But it was something I hadn’t desired.

I went to check out my supplies,
There was enough to sustain for a month or so,
So I gingerly started with coffee and cookies,
And would progress until survival was low.

With the sparing water I had,
I washed from head to toe,
Shaved rather modestly,
And trimmed my hair from the word go.

After packing some small supplies,
I throw the rucksack over my back,
Looked above at the ladder,
And contemplated many things which were maybe lack.

Chapter -2- : Decimated Land

I turned away for a moment,
Checked the climate thermos for outside,
The reading checked as satisfactory,
So I prepare for my venture that was previously denied.

Not taking any chances,
I grabbed a special breathing mask from the store,
The likelihood of needing it was remote,
But I had to be safe and sure.

I slowly grasped the ladder,
My heart raced as I climbed ever rung,
Within a few moments the air hatch appeared,
Looking eerie in the way it hung.

I turned the wheel of the hatch,
It appeared stiff at first,
But after a few turns it was more free,
And I could smell the air outside, burst after burst.

Finally the route to the outside world was open,
Pushing the hatch door up and over,
With mask on, I took in a breath of air,
It was clean and fresh, lucky like a four leaved clover.

Pulling myself up and out,
I could see a decimated land,
Then removing the mask,
I looked around at the once beauty to visions of bland.

Stepping away from the hatch,
I tripped and fell fast to the ground,
My hands and knees hit an ashy type soil,
And my eyes watered to the dust thrown unbound.

After a somewhat short daze,
I got to my feet and slowly started to walk,
Within moments I entered a thin mist,
I could only see a desolate land with even a plant stalk.

The skies seemed somewhat dark,
But the sun was piercing through,
And as more light permeated,
The baroness looked old against what was new.

I continued to walk for a mile or so,
Death and destruction had taken rule,
Derelict buildings and vehicles lay about,
As someone’s unwanted suburbia actioned by a would be fool.

The sights did not improve,
Bodies of every shape and form were strewn about,
Nothing or no-one had a chance to escape,
Only the feared had the free will to shout.

As I approached a series of detached houses,
I thought I heard something,
Was it voices in my head?
Or had someone survived the bombing?

Chapter -3- : Breath of Life

Peering through damaged walls,
I caught a glimpse of people talking,
Some of the more stood and lesser sat,
While the rest tried their hand at walking.

For sometime I stood there,
Memorised by the sights that I was seeing,
Was this reality?
Or was I really dreaming?

I plucked up the courage,
And slowly walked towards a group,
A few people turned and faced me,
I suddenly felt trapped in some coup.

Every facial expression carried fear,
Together with a cornucopia of disgusting injuries,
Arms and legs were in slings and splints,
Others weren’t so lucky with parts in blood that no-one wanted to see.

I engaged conversation with one man,
He tried his best, but with a slur,
Everything had happened so fast he said,
The last 24 hours seemed a blur.

The fact of the matter was,
Tension had built up between the east and west,
Thus the result that had occurred,
No compromise, just a selfish we are the best.

Never in my life before,
Had I experienced a magnitude like this,
We all had seen it through the media,
But this was an episode I would rather miss.

Just like at the dawn of time,
Everything had to begin,
But in this instance,
Everything was resulting from an unspeakable sin.

Acting as a good Samaritan,
I aided the injured and those in need,
I also gave them some of my provisions,
And received thanks for every good deed.

Small huts and stone buildings were constructed,
With the somewhat endless supply of materials around,
Everyone able or not,
Helped rebuild with whatever they had found.

Before I had the chance to notice,
My time with this community had flown by,
We had worked as a great team together,
Just like the sun in a deep blue sky.

I decided to briefly return to my bunker,
So to collect more supplies for myself and those here,
This would give a greater chance for us all,
If we learnt from one another with this life so dear.

Chapter -4- : Lessons from Histories Past

As I walked back toward the solitary bunker,
I was still in disbelief of times past,
Not only this recent event,
But those that hadn’t been as major as this blast.

The night had drawn in quite quickly,
I hurried my pace,
So not to be left nervously,
In this disjointed place.

I could see the bunker in the distance,
But I was shocked to see beams of light from afar,
The hatch had appeared to be open,
Which left me thinking to the bizarre.

I started to run towards the light,
My nerves and mind were running wild,
And as I neared the bunker entrance,
A person jumped out and ran, it was a child.

Clambering down inside,
I noticed everything had been trashed,
Most of the food and supplies had gone,
But the safe area was intact even if it appeared to be trashed.

Despite some initial worry,
Only a portion of the supplies had been taken,
This came as much relief to me,
As a lot had been forsaken.

The desperation of scavengers,
Had pushed then that extra mile,
But who could blame them,
As each day had to be worth their while.

Situations and scenarios can make people desperate,
Money can make you both happy and sad,
But upon the subject of politics,
Can make any person turn diplomatic to mad.

No one wants to listen to reason,
Facts can be twisted from the truth,
Motions are always forwarded,
By those who are so uncouth.

So to make my contribution,
I took all that I had to the people,
Luckily I had a cart to my aid,
That when full, equalled the height of a church steeple.

Taking a slightly slower journey,
I pulled the heavily ladened cart,
The wheels were coping well,
Despite the ground that was trying to shake it apart.

In the distance I could hear laughter,
A fire had been lit for heat and food,
The people I had met a short time before,
Where certainly in a good mood.

Chapter -5- : Forging Ahead

I entered the old, but new settlement,
And I was eagerly greeted by all,
Even by those that couldn’t walk,
I felt honoured, proud and tall.

At first I thought there would be a rush,
But I was surprised by the politeness of some,
Each person helped me unpack the cart,
Amazingly in single file, one by one.

Slowly walking toward the open fire,
I raised my hands to warm them through,
After which I grasped a mug of coffee,
And thought of this place turning into something new.

As I slowly sipped my hot coffee,
My mind drifted back to years gone by,
The ups and downs educated me well,
I closed my eyes and thought some more with a sigh.

There were the fondest of memories with my family,
Both in laughter and in tears,
But then there was more bad times,
That felt eternal much beyond years.

Living with friends and relatives can be testing,
At times you want to dig a hole and hide away,
But brave it out you must,
However hard or easy, one has to stay.

Sometimes pure innocence can be clouded by lies,
Arguments can escalate over by misunderstandings,
But the worst is through the cold and silence,
And unforgettable bad tidings.

So when we are put into scenarios,
We can learn from each part of them,
And will find everything easier to handle,
As you go through a similar event again

After some nostalgic moments.
And sipping the last drop of coffee,
I turned away from the dying fire,
And looked toward the new future before me.

Thinking back to when my bunker was being raided,
I did wonder if it was one of these people here,
But as I was contemplating asking,
I was informed that it was another group of settlers not so near.

So all of my worries of friends and family,
That had gone due to this disaster,
Had left me with new friends,
And a whole set of new problems to master.

With all things in some sort of perspective,
I joined the new and friendly town that was previously blown,
To the start of something better,
In this world, our own !

This work is Copyright Alexander Frederick Anthony Aris is registered with the UK Copyright Service: Reg. No: 254924

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