Indie Designer Video Game Collection

Its incredible to think that I have been creating video games since 1988. Even before then I was typing in program listings from computer magazines and of course debugging or correcting the mistakes to make them work. A certain amount of examining took place as well to see exactly how the routines functioned and then simple tweaks to see what results occurred. Heaven help those that didn’t bother to save their hard work to floppy disk or tape. I think it happened to the best of us!

So far to date, excluding my current unfinished project on PC, 16 Degrees, I have been involved with and or designed 17 games. First starting on the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, PC, MAC and ending up on Android OS. The PC games were designed and programmed with GameMaker back in 2004 leading up to date with GameMaker Studio.

I am also so very grateful for the music and sound effects created on some of the games by Chris ‘Infamous’ Bailey, Kent ‘Powertrace’ Valden, Martin Dodd, Bit Shifter and Max Hall. A game is a game, but without music or sound effects its lifeless!

You can download this pack of games for FREE from here [ download ] with the ZIP file being approximately 168 megabytes. Each game is in a folder and will contain some brief instructions.

If windows requests to download or install a file on some games, don’t worry, its just to help with the graphics driver. This should only happen once on your computer!

You will also need an emulator or real hardware to play the Commodore 64 or Commodore Amiga games.

Here is a list of those games with screenshots below, from top-left to right …

  1. Commodore 64 – Phantom the Mission
  2. Commodore Amiga – Coin Mania
  3. PC – Bugsy
  4. PC – Elastic Band Warrior
  5. PC – Office Worker
  6. PC – Lightbulb Luke
  7. PC – Phantom Millennium
  8. PC – Coin Mania Remix
  9. PC – Roswell Project
  10. PC – Everyone’s Platformer
  11. PC – Fartoids
  12. PC – Shapes Mindorama
  13. PC – Dead Pixel Invaders
  14. PC – Bump
  15. PC – Bugsy Reloaded
  16. PC – Super Bump
  17. PC – Barriers
  18. PC – 16 Degrees

Have fun playing the games! 😉

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