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The Amiga Years

It’s hard to believe that about 30 years ago, I owned a Commodore Amiga A500. It was the Powerplay Pack from Gordon Harwoods. This comprised of an Amiga 500 with TV Modulator, Commodore Mouse, Batman, Deluxe Paint II and 10 additional games, but I can’t remember the titles, although they did keep me happy forContinue reading “The Amiga Years”

AZ to UP!

So, how is everybody? With an opening question like that I would know doubt get many different answers. Sincerely though, I do hope whoever is reading this, is well and coping as best as they can with life and the world around them. Always remember to chat with a trusted friend or family member ifContinue reading “AZ to UP!”

The Longest Blink

You know when you blink sometimes and a short amount of time passes? Well it seems that 2020 passed through one of the longest of blinks and some or most may share the same feeling that it wasn’t the most spectacular of years. We all from a world-wide perspective and still do for this momentContinue reading “The Longest Blink”

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